Innovative Medicines Initiative launches new Calls for proposals


The Innovative Medicines Initiative has now launched IMI2 – Call 22 and IMI2 – Call 23

Feel free to use the attached Call flyer to promote the Calls.

IMI2 – Call 22 is a single-stage Call for proposals designed to support research activities that will build on, and add value to, results from certain ongoing IMI2 projects.

Call 22 deadline for proposals: 29 September 2020

Call web page:

IMI2 – Call 23 is a standard, two-stage Call for proposals with the
following topics:

§  Returning clinical trial data to study participants within a GDPR compliant and approved framework

§  Modelling the impact of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines on the reduction of antimicrobial resistance  This topic is part of IMI’s Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Accelerator programme.

§  A platform for accelerating biomarker discovery and validation to support therapeutics development for neurodegenerative diseases

§  Optimal treatment for patients with solid tumours in Europe through
artificial intelligence

§  Shortening the path to rare disease diagnosis by using new born genetic screening and digital technologies

§  Behavioural model of factors affecting patient adherence

Call 23 deadline for short proposals: 29 September 2020

Call web page:

Find out more

All topic texts, Call documentation and details of how to apply can be found on the IMI website.


IMI is currently running on IMI2 – Call 22 and 23, including webinars on all Call topics, as well as IMI’s rules and procedures and opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Tips on finding partners and preparing your proposal

The IMI website includes pages with advice for applicants and guidance on how to find project partners.

Why apply?

IMI Calls for proposals represent an excellent opportunity for researchers to take part in ground-breaking collaborative projects that aim to deliver tangible benefits for patients. Scientists from academia, industry, SMEs, mid-sized companies, hospitals and patients’ organizations are encouraged to get involved in our projects. Our success stories page offers a glimpse of the kinds of things IMI projects can achieve, and includes testimonials from project participants.