SA-UK Trilateral Research Chairs framework 2018

Call for Applications


South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI)


Africa-UK Trilateral Call 2018


Applicant Closing Date: 20 July 2018

Designated Authority Closing Date: 26 July 2018


The National Research Foundation (NRF) and the British council are pleased to announce the Africa-UK Trilateral Call. Proposals are invited from eligible applicants for the DST-NRF/British Council Africa-UK Trilateral Chair.  


The SARChI Bilateral and Trilateral Research Chairs activity is supported by the Department of Science and Technology through the National Research Foundation (NRF) and is intended to support collaboration between Research and Academic Centres of Excellence in SA-UK and across Africa.

This Trilateral Chair call builds on the strengths and successes of the SARChI and SA-UK Bilateral Research Chairs Programme and seeks to extend the positive impacts and outcomes of this initiative to other leading and established researchers and research centres of excellence across Africa. The aim is to build long term research collaborations with established researchers in the 3 countries, whilst also providing opportunities for mentoring and mobility of Early-Career and Emerging Researchers who are mentored and supervised by the Research Chairs and/or Leading and Established Researchers. The core team, made up of Principals Investigators (PI’s) from each country, should be able to split their research time between the UK (20 %), South Africa (20 %) and country C (10% approx.), over the duration of the project.


The Call


With the rapid transformation of technology, the world finds itself in the 4th Industrialisation era. The era is characterised by the intuitive use of technology and human beings to achieve sustainable economic development. The era requires the combination of elements such as the internet, robotics, machines, biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to bring about smart solutions for societal benefit. It is within this context and era, which has prompted society to rethink how production can be improved using technology. It is expected that the chair will encompass an innovative approach in addressing societal problems in order to meet the social and economic needs of a growing global population. Grants are intended to support areas relevant to the economic development and social welfare of partner countries and should demonstrate how they will benefit the wider research and innovation community in South Africa, the wider African continent and the UK.


Funding period: 5 years at Tier Level 1.




The NRF and the UK British Council will provide matched funding to support the research and mobility activities of the chair. The NRF will fund the South African Principal Investigator, and the UK British Council will fund the British and part fund the other African country Principal Investigators. Applications which involve other Newton Funded and ODA eligible African countries (Egypt and Kenya), as well as other African countries which the NRF has active bilateral agreements with. Researchers from other African countries who can secure funding for the collaboration will be given preference.


All applications should be submitted no later than 20 July 2018 on the NRF Online Submission System (, by the nominated candidates. Designated Authorities (DAs) have until 26 July to submit to the NRF.


NRF Contact Person:


Promise Shabangu

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: (012) 481-4386




SA-UK Trilateral Research Chairs framework 2018                                   SA-UK Trilateral Research Chairs Call Guide 2018


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